Hi, my name is Anita 

I help Small Business owners, Creators and Entrepreneurs grow their Business through curated Pinterest services including consultation sessions and monthly Pinterest account management.

Pinterest has over 459 million users with a growing population looking for solutions to their questions and willing to shop. Now, more than ever is the perfect time to get serious about your Pinterest strategy and how to make the platform work for you. Whether you are an experienced Pinner or, you’re just starting, or you’re still convincing yourself to go for it, you can double your website traffic & conversions if you’re willing to put in the work.

I started on Pinterest with no guidance in 2016, and after doing research and trying different techniques, I figured out the system enough to triple my Pinterest impressions, following and website visits within a month, all while balancing being a full-time creator and a corporate marketing coordinator. After many people have asked me to share my “secret” with them, I started educating creators and small businesses on how to leverage this platform to increase their traffic, build their communities and grow their businesses.

I know the strategy alone is not enough to increase the traffic, so, I will be sharing the tools, resources, and strategies I use for my content creation and positioning. While the strategy is not one size fits all, and the Pinterest algorithm is contently changing, consider me your insider to take your Pinterest from a beginner to a pro Pinterest profile.

I've always wanted to help entrepreneurs and creators start their journey and curate a digital presence they love and I am happy to be doing that through my Lightroom Presets and Pinterest services. Because we are in the ever changing world of digital branding and media, standing out and having a clear voice is key. I would love to help you find your voice and stand out but visually and strategically.

The perfect time to start anything is now, so let's figure out this out together for you!