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Did, you know that Pinterest has over 459 million users with a growing population looking for solutions to their questions and your brand might be that answer that they are seeking? 
This is what makes Pinterest a smart choice for marketers. With users looking for answers and not focusing on mainstream brands, this means everyone has a chance to get the sale, grow their email list or convert.
However, Pinterest is a slow-burn platform requiring a different strategy and a little more dedication and patience than most social media platforms, marketers have been known to give up before getting comfortable on the platform. This is where I come in.
You may be lacking the knowledge around how to market on Pinterest, the patience to put in the consistent time, and understanding about what works on the platform. The Lotus Pure offers management packages to content creators/bloggers, small business/e-commerce companies, and corporate/large brand clients specifically for Pinterest. This is all I do. 
My services are curated to meet you wherever you are in your Pinterest journey; whether you are looking to hand off your daily pinning so you can focus back on creating content or products for your loyal supporters or looking to learn for yourself and your team, there's a package for you.
Each package offers exclusive access to our Pin Me Pro Community, and a full library of resources that will help you optimize your site for Pinterest. I also create a unique strategy for you and your brand, giving you our attention it needs to flourish on Pinterest.
The Lotus Pure offers three management packages to help serve your Pinterest needs, whether you’re a small business owner, e-Commerce seller or blogger/content creator.

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